Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama: Yes We Did!

"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!! Obama finally took control and I think I like it!" Today was a wonderful day: the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama II! It was a long day full of Pomp and Circumstance and lots of Splendor and I'm sure the entire Obama family will sleep well tonight! After church, coffee with the Bush family, the Inauguration, a Luncheon, a Parade, and 10 Inaugural Balls to attend, I'm sure they are pooped. There is a long 4 years ahead of us and the country has braced itself and is enthusiastic about getting it together! My day was alot more low key, I watched the festivities on television in the morning, then went down to 125th street at the Adam Clayton Powell Building to celebrate in Harlem with the masses. Later I caught the subway down to the Martin Luther King School: Manhattan Theatre Lab., where my friend Charles Browning teaches acting there, to celebrate with his students (the children are our future by the way) followed by an impromptu toast with fellow musician, Scott Patterson of Kojomodibosun. It was a beautiful day!Yes we can! Yes we did! Yes we will!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diahann Carroll

Meeting Diahann Carroll was great! She spoke about her book and her career and answered a few questions.I read her first biography after finding it in a used book store. I later found out its out of print. I love her work and so I look forward to reading this one. If you're a fan of Diahann's like me, let me know why, I invite you to post your thoughts on Peace ya'll!

Saycon in music video for song "Possible"

Hello World Check out my music video for the song "Possible" from the CD Southern Pin-Up available at, Itunes, Rapsody.

Enjoy the video on Youtube now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saycon and Liam sing songs by Scott Alan, Birdland, NYC

Saycon Sengbloh and Liam Tamne in cell pic above!
Tuesday night I was in a showcase at Birdland in New York City featuring songs by Scott Alan. He gave me a call to fill in for Kenita Miller who had to join the tour of the Color Purple on an emergency. Over the weekend I learned my verse to "Never Never Land" and sang it along with Merle Dandridge, Nikki James, and Crystal Hall. All wonderful singers indeed! Also, funnily enough I met the West End "Fiyero" from Wicked, Liam Tamne, who sang beautifully in the showcase and is vacationing in NYC. We took a cell phone pic together.
Check out the clip on Youtube!

Saycon filmed "Prince of Motorcity"

As I reviewed my pics from the summer of love (HAIR), I came across some shots taken while in Detroit. For a couple of days I left "Hair" rehearsal at the Public theatre (with permission of course) to film the pilot, "Prince of Motor city." Described online by the Futon Critic as:"A drama pilot about a Gothic family soap inspired by "Hamlet" that centers on Billy Hamilton (Warren Christie), a young Harvard philosophy professor forced to return to Detroit to take over the family's auto company after his father's death." It starred Daniel Zacapa, Aidan Quinn and Rutger Hauer, "Friday Night Lights'" Benny Ciaramello. My scenes were with Benny (pictured above), the DP (director of photography) John S. Bartley sat with me during lunch for a chat, he actually worked on a New Zealand or Australian production of Hair ages ago! In "Prince of Motor city" I played "Roz", a fun and flirty girl who works in the Hamilton Motor's factory.
The show was cool because they took real cars and tricked them out to perfection to create a realistic new brand of car from the show's car brand "Hamilton Motors". I wish ABC would pick it up already! But there will certainly be more shows in the future!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a New Year ! May it be Happy ...

Happy New Year to all! It is 2009 and May it be Happy, Healthy, and Wise! Whether you brought the year in celebrating loudly in the streets or cozy on the couch watching Dick Clark I hope your celebration was good and that your year will be even better! I had a wonderful holiday trip to my hometown, Atlanta, GA. I was able to see my family and party with old friends and it was great for my heart! I've got to get home more often! I'm quite sentimental and am speechless to how gorgeous my mom, nephew and nieces are!