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photo by MontanaUSA used by permission
Its official! I recently celebrated my birthday and many friends and loved ones dear to me have had birthdays also in October! But on top of all that a website was born: Sayconsengbloh.com! Please take a moment to visit the site and bookmark it as well for the latest news, pics, and info about me!

In 2 weeks Fela! opens on Broadway and right now you can visit SayconSengbloh.com my new website! I'm absolutely thrilled! It came together so smoothly! I worked with http://www.websitesfor150.com/ to create my site they come highly recommended! I had to throw in the "windblown I'm every women pic cause that's how I feel! Enjoy!!!


Flashback: Judd Apatow & Saycon!

Flashback: This is waaaay after the fact but I was quite excited to meet Judd Apatow when he came to see Hair. It was awesome because his movie, Funny People with Adam Sandler is one of my favorites! He was quite awesome and his daughter seemed to have loved the show too!



Hi family,

Its been a while and so much has gone on! I've been in previews for Fela!, which has taken alot of time and focus, self preservation and lots of motivation! I'm sooo excited about this new show! I've been hitting the gym, and also doing lots of interviews on my lunch breaks. I've sort of paused from Facebook and other social sites though I do use Twitter every once in a while. Thanks to all the fans who have been coming to see Fela!, especially those who miss my stint in Hair! You're really showing some love! I've attached a link to an interview from Honeymag.com Its fun please check it out! And this blog usually appears as a note on Facebook but visit Saycontalks.blogspot.com to read previous stories and please share my blog with a friend!


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Saycon from Fela! appears in NY Fashion Week!

Above clockwise from top to bottom: Saycon on the catwalk (courtesy Brownstein & Associates) and Saycon pictured with Kali Hawk(Couple's Retreat), The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sahr Ngaujah (Fela!), Claudine Gumbel (producer of the fashion show), Saycon's navy blue dress by Tart, and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Fame the movie)
Dreams do come true!!!I represented the cast of Fela! during fashion week at the Manhattan Pavillion. This week was action packed with a great time of beginning rehearsals and my official modeling, cat walking, heel clicking premiere! I walked in the show presented by Elle magazine, Oral B (hence the toothbrushes in the background pics). It was curated by Caravan! I met some cool models, actresses,jewelry designers, and the Real House Wives of New Jersey! One of their children walked in the show as well. I wore a hip hugging dress by Tart. Friends Tallia Brinson, Sahr Ngaujah, and Benjamin Brown were there to support and Ben and Joshua took pics. . . Enjoy some pics from the day. . Photo 1 courtesy of Brownstein and Associates and all others by Joshua Plant of punkenterprises.org

That was fun now back to hours of daily rehearsal!!! LOL

Fela! is coming to Broadway!

Sahr Ngaujah and Saycon Sengbloh from the Cast of Fela! (photo by Joshua Plant)

Hello family,

Its been quite a year! I remember when I started this blog and I had performed in Central Park at the Delacort in Hair over the summer and at the same time as Fela! was off Broadway at 37 Arts. I saw the show and enjoyed my friend Sahr Ngaujah starring in this touching and jam packed musical portrayal of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's rich life! I laughed, I cried, took pics and wrote a blog about it! Now here I am proud to announce I'll be appearing in Fela too! After many auditions and a summer of double duty with Fela! rehearsals in the daytime and Hair at night. We are getting it ready for the Eugene O'neil stage. This production stars Sahr Ngaujah, Kevin Mambo, myself, Saycon, and the fabulous Lilias White. Along with a talented ensemble of dancers and Antibalas, the Afrobeat orchestra of NYC! We are directed by the incredible Bill T. Jones. I'm so excited about this time and I'm thrilled to announce on Saycontalks that Fela! is finally coming to Broadway and I'm gonna be a part of it!!!

Hope to see you there!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saycon and Kojo Modibo Sun Rocked Joe's Pub!!!!

After a fond farewell from Hair on Broadway I charged right into preparations for my show at Joe's Pub in New York City! I rehearsed with Scott Patterson and the band of Kojo Modibo Sun and we made it happen. Joe's Pub was a wonderful place to perform! The show was hot and it was an exciting night charged with energy, fun, and music!!! Click the link or copy and paste the link below to see more pics!

Copy and paste or click link below for more pics!

SAYCON's final performance at Hair!

Hello friends I have some news! I have left the Broadway production of Hair! After a wonderful turn in a show that took me from Letterman to Conan to Good Morning America and back, its now time to say goodbye! Enjoy some pics from the wonderful experience that Hair on Broadway was for me! Those hippies will be sorely missed!

God Bless!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saycon @ Joe's Pub Sunday August 30th 9:30PM

Featuring soul rock band
Kojo Modibo Sun!

Sunday August 30th at 9:30pm
$15 cover
Joe's Pub serves food & drink.


Sunday August 30th at 9:30pm

$15 cover
Call 212-967-7555 for tickets.
Call 212-539-8778 for table reservations
or click the link at the bottom of this email



Click here: JOE's PUB


Friday, July 17, 2009

Saycon from Hair on Broadway sings "Possible" available on Itunes!

Click to see Possible video
Thanks for visiting my blog Saycontalks.blogspot.com and for supporting independent music! Check out the link below for my music video for "Possible"! If you like it subscribe to the Youtube channel (sengblo) or make a fun comment, let me know and send the link to your friends! Its on Itunes family! Or order the Cd on CDbaby.com!

God Bless you all!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom love Saycon & Conan O'Brien!

What a week its been! Its my Mom's birthday week and I'm wishing her a Happy Happy birthday traveling from New York to Los Angeles and back to New York in the blink of an eye! My self and my castmates from HAIR on Broadway had a great chance to perform on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien... after much deliberation we boarded a private jet and flew to LA for the show! Its been exhausting the last few days but I've learned so much about myself during this time! I'm thankful for the experience!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saycon performs on Tony Awards: Hair wins Best Musical Revival!!!

Hi guys,
It's a busy season but I must let everyone know that on the Tony Awards the cast of Hair won Best Musical Revival!!! That was an excited day and I've gotten so much love from friends family and fans! I couldnt be more excited! Even food poisoning couldn't keep me off that stage!

Below are pics from the after party that evening, I hit the photo line and headed home for much needed rest! Love! Love! Love!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good News- The Hair Soundtrack!!!

Saycon Sengbloh shown above along with the cast of Hair Sponsored by Bumble and Bumble!

The Hair Soundtrack is available online featuring, among other's, yours truly, Saycon as Abraham Lincolm singin' "Four Score/Abie Baby"! I'm so excited to be featured on a cast recording of the soundtrack for the show!

Get it on Itunes and while your at it: I challenge you to buy 1 song from Southern Pin-Up the album! My favorites "Possible" or "It Was a Very Good Year" are a great place to start!



Celebrate Tony Week: The Hair commercial is airing!

Sasha Allen, Cassie Levy, & Saycon Sengbloh with a fabulous Peace cake!

Hey Hey Celebrate! It's Tony week and we're on the air!!!

Check out the commercial for "Hair" on Broadway! If you look real hard you'll see me in the left corner of your screen. It's an exciting week lots of rehearsal and preparation for the Tony Awards on Sunday! Just gotta take it one day at a time!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss. Sengbloh meets Aretha Franklin!

We've had a lot of visitors to see Hair, people have come and gone, some of them famous, some not so famous, all of them entertained but I was a bit speechless when the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin showed up! She even invited the cast to hang with her after the show! It was cool and exciting! Well until I ate something a little too spicy and had the watery eye cough for 10 minutes. Ha ha! It was a good time!

Peace Ya'll,


Monday, May 4, 2009

Saycon meets the BlackSnob!!!

I met THE Blacksnob Miss Danielle Belton! She's an up and coming writer and very popular blogger! I found her site blacksnob. com looking for First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion pics! I've been hooked ever since. Danielle's writing is quirky and political and relates to lots of interesting topics! She blogged about an upcoming visit to New York City and I wrote to her about meeting and she wrote back. Once in New York City they met up with me and after a visit to the Hair set she decided to mention it in her blog about her trips to New York and D.C.

Look out for The Blacksnob and Miss. Belton's other work in the future, and illustrations too might I add!

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Cast of Hair on Letterman

Attention people. . .here yee here yee. .. for approximately 4 minutes I danced and sang my heart out on the Late Show with David Letterman! Along with the cast of Hair we performed a combo number of "Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine In/Flesh Failures"! We rehearsed all day and hung out in the trailer and met Paul Schaffer too. It was great and my Mom and Aunty and cousins were texting me all night!

Check out the link to the Hair on Letterman youtube video below:


Check out the David Letterman show link below:


Check out the Smothers Brothers show of Aquarius 40 years ago:


Saycon records the revival soundtrack of HAIR

After opening week we kept full speed ahead to record the soundtrack for the show!This Hair revival has kept me plenty busy! We did the whole thing on a Monday! It was crazy and took lots of concentration but since we sing this stuff every night we were able to make it happen!I think I was "peace signing" and cheesin' a lil' too hard in this pic!

But seeing Outcast's platinum plaque in the hallway made me feel I was most definitely in the right place!Legacy Recording Studios in New York City!


Saycon Sengbloh in Broadway's Revival of Hair Opening Night Party!

WOW! Its been quite a month! Opening night was beautiful and exciting I've included some pictures from the night! I chose a simple cream colored dress and put a few curls in my Hair and hopped on the shuttle for the after party! I'm shown with Sasha Allen and Cassie Levy who play Dionne and Sheila in the show. I also posed with one of Hair's producers Andy Sandburg. And there's a shot with cast mate Nicole Lewis.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Opening Night of Hair on Broadway!

Here we go! After weeks of hard work and lots of dedication Hair makes its 2009 Broadway revival official! Opening night and every night, Hair will be at the Hirschfeld theatre located at 302 W. 45th Street in New York City! This is exciting news as many fans of Saycon Sengbloh from Rent, the Color Purple, Aida, and Wicked have been asking:" what's new and where can I see Saycon perform?" Now that the show will be opened the schedule will be ripe for other concerts and live performances here in New York City. Stay tuned for the opportunity to see Saycon live in a club venue as she performs songs from the music release Southern Pin-Up, her own special brand soul, jazz, and hip hop. Many thanks to all my Mom and brother, family, supporters and love to all my friends! God bless you!

Visit http://www.hairbroadway.com/

Go online to purchase tickets to see Saycon Sengbloh live in Hair.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Southern Pin-Up by Saycon: Now available on Itunes

"Southern Pin-Up" is available on Itunes! The original CD release by Saycon features new remixes and everybody's favorite soul remix: "It Was a Very Good Year!" The classically dope Frank Sinatra tune originally featured in Spike Lee's equally classic film Jungle Fever! If you haven't seen it rent it and if you haven't heard Saycon's version of the song, get thee to Itunes and go cop it imeeeediately!!!See Saycon Sengbloh play Abraham Lincoln in HAIR on Broadway!

If you can't see the link below copy and paste this link:


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saycon Sengbloh with Stephen Schwartz at the Gershwin!

Hey guys,

Its been a long few weeks as Hair is preparing for the Broadway! Lots of work and less sleep! The cast was invited to perform at an event last week that took place at the Gershwin theatre: My old 'Wicked' stomping grounds!It was bitter sweet but we had a great time and I spoke with Stephen Schwartz whom I hadn't seen since the Broadway Meets Country event a few years back. The cast sang "Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In" It was a cool night.

*photo courtesy of Bittenbyazebra.com

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Personal Message from Saycon:Southern Pin-Up

Hi Family and Friends!

Thanking you in advance for your support! Please pass this email to all the people who love independent R&B music! Copy and paste the links below to see the clip on Youtube in my own words!



Name your favorite independent R&B musicians. Discuss now on Saycontalks.blogspot.com

Southern Pin-Up: A personal message from Saycon

Hi Family and Friends!

Thanking you in advance for your support! Please pass this email to all the people who love independent R&B music! Copy and paste the links below to see the clip on Youtube in my own words!



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recording with Lachanze!

I've been in the studio working on my upcoming "Mixtape" (mixCD) and recording backgrounds with LaChanze! We'll be performing on Valentine's Day February 14th at the Highline ballroom in NYC. Meanwhile "Hair" rehearsals continue!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Hair" Rehearsals have begun!

Hey People!

Its finally begun, rehearsals for Hair...the cast is phenomenal!Rehearsals began and there was press to record it all. I took some shots with my camera too!
Check out some shots of us on the first day.

What do you think of "Hair"? Do you know any famous songs from the show? Please make your comments on Saycontalks.blogspot.com

Hugs and Kisses,


*Southern Pin-Up Special Edition by Saycon available online: CDbaby.com