Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss. Sengbloh meets Aretha Franklin!

We've had a lot of visitors to see Hair, people have come and gone, some of them famous, some not so famous, all of them entertained but I was a bit speechless when the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin showed up! She even invited the cast to hang with her after the show! It was cool and exciting! Well until I ate something a little too spicy and had the watery eye cough for 10 minutes. Ha ha! It was a good time!

Peace Ya'll,


Monday, May 4, 2009

Saycon meets the BlackSnob!!!

I met THE Blacksnob Miss Danielle Belton! She's an up and coming writer and very popular blogger! I found her site blacksnob. com looking for First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion pics! I've been hooked ever since. Danielle's writing is quirky and political and relates to lots of interesting topics! She blogged about an upcoming visit to New York City and I wrote to her about meeting and she wrote back. Once in New York City they met up with me and after a visit to the Hair set she decided to mention it in her blog about her trips to New York and D.C.

Look out for The Blacksnob and Miss. Belton's other work in the future, and illustrations too might I add!

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Cast of Hair on Letterman

Attention people. . .here yee here yee. .. for approximately 4 minutes I danced and sang my heart out on the Late Show with David Letterman! Along with the cast of Hair we performed a combo number of "Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine In/Flesh Failures"! We rehearsed all day and hung out in the trailer and met Paul Schaffer too. It was great and my Mom and Aunty and cousins were texting me all night!

Check out the link to the Hair on Letterman youtube video below:


Check out the David Letterman show link below:


Check out the Smothers Brothers show of Aquarius 40 years ago:


Saycon records the revival soundtrack of HAIR

After opening week we kept full speed ahead to record the soundtrack for the show!This Hair revival has kept me plenty busy! We did the whole thing on a Monday! It was crazy and took lots of concentration but since we sing this stuff every night we were able to make it happen!I think I was "peace signing" and cheesin' a lil' too hard in this pic!

But seeing Outcast's platinum plaque in the hallway made me feel I was most definitely in the right place!Legacy Recording Studios in New York City!


Saycon Sengbloh in Broadway's Revival of Hair Opening Night Party!

WOW! Its been quite a month! Opening night was beautiful and exciting I've included some pictures from the night! I chose a simple cream colored dress and put a few curls in my Hair and hopped on the shuttle for the after party! I'm shown with Sasha Allen and Cassie Levy who play Dionne and Sheila in the show. I also posed with one of Hair's producers Andy Sandburg. And there's a shot with cast mate Nicole Lewis.