Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saycon performs on Tony Awards: Hair wins Best Musical Revival!!!

Hi guys,
It's a busy season but I must let everyone know that on the Tony Awards the cast of Hair won Best Musical Revival!!! That was an excited day and I've gotten so much love from friends family and fans! I couldnt be more excited! Even food poisoning couldn't keep me off that stage!

Below are pics from the after party that evening, I hit the photo line and headed home for much needed rest! Love! Love! Love!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good News- The Hair Soundtrack!!!

Saycon Sengbloh shown above along with the cast of Hair Sponsored by Bumble and Bumble!

The Hair Soundtrack is available online featuring, among other's, yours truly, Saycon as Abraham Lincolm singin' "Four Score/Abie Baby"! I'm so excited to be featured on a cast recording of the soundtrack for the show!

Get it on Itunes and while your at it: I challenge you to buy 1 song from Southern Pin-Up the album! My favorites "Possible" or "It Was a Very Good Year" are a great place to start!



Celebrate Tony Week: The Hair commercial is airing!

Sasha Allen, Cassie Levy, & Saycon Sengbloh with a fabulous Peace cake!

Hey Hey Celebrate! It's Tony week and we're on the air!!!

Check out the commercial for "Hair" on Broadway! If you look real hard you'll see me in the left corner of your screen. It's an exciting week lots of rehearsal and preparation for the Tony Awards on Sunday! Just gotta take it one day at a time!

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