Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saycon Sengbloh: Young and Powerful for Obama Award Recipient

Photo by: MontanaUSA used by permission
You guys I'm thrilled to announce I'm being awarded the Young and Powerful for Obama Award this coming Thursday October 25th! I will have a chance to celebrate in Atlanta with family and friends, a personal treat and sort of a birthday present as well. My birthday month, October, always sort of brings about some type of transition for me, either easy or hard yet transition that's definitely necessary. Just trying to work harder and be more motivated at my craft is more of a challenge in some ways and easier in others as the years go by! I hope to continue to make Atlanta proud!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Saycon at "HELLO GORGEOUS" Streisand Review!

What's up ya'll?! This past week, the fall kicked off for me with a performance at the one-night-only concert "Hello Gorgeous! A Salute to the Streisand Songbook", presented by Scott Nevins and Joe Lodato benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I've included the photos below from the event. Photos by Joseph Marzullo/WENN. Click to see a clip of me singing "On A Clear Day" Barbra Streisand's song from the movie! I never ever sang her music before but it felt really good and everyone did a great job. Including Kristy Kates and my homeboy Marty Thomas both of whom I did Wicked on Broadway with Marty, who invites me to sing with his Divas show, from time to time. One thing I know is Barbra Streisand has had the best songs and arrangements, so the audience of mostly Streisand fans already knew the words to all their favorite songs!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beyond the Shade

So here it is another day blogging and catching up! Please visit the cool website it's a site designed by my friend and web designer Christine Horn, http://beyondtheshade.com/ It's a cool site with lots of features about her life and the lives of other actresses, and the not so tall as well. I have a featured spot on there called "Saycon Says..." ,where I give handy advice to up and coming singers, actors, and dancers! Please visit this site when you get a chance!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Motown & Chrysler join on Broadway Pre-Launch!

Motown the Musical: As Martha and the Vandellas:
Saycon Sengbloh, Rebecca Covington, and N'kenge

Saycon Sengbloh and Morgan James
Saycon and young phenom Jibreel
Well one thing is for sure: the mounting of a musical is big business! I performed at an event to announce the pre-sale tickets for Motown the Musical and their collaboration with Chrysler and Citibank. Tickets are on sale already for a show that will be starting this spring. Representing Martha and the Vandellas, Saycon, N'Kenge, and Rebecca Covington had a ball in sparkly Ralph Lauren dresses that were tweaked for our special performance at the Nederlander Theatre. The whole cast was outfitted for the event to give a modern suggestion of whats to see in the spring. Though the actual show costumes will be a whole other ballgame true to life, time, and authentic to the time periods portrayed. It was an exciting day that started with rehearsals, fittings, sound checks, and ended with a reception to celebrate. The stars were out from Aretha Franklin, the legendary writing group Holland, Dozier, Holland,  Smokey Robinson, and of course Berry Gordy himself. We performed some numbers from the show and the audience got to get a little taste of the show Mr. Gordy and his team have been working so diligently on. I'm excited for people to see it!

Saycon, Rebecca, and N'kenge:Divas at the afterparty out of our drag!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Liberia: Children's Law Guarantees Rights of Children

This information is a few months old to some but new to me and I'm happy to hear it, read it, and pronounce it on SayconTalks.blogspot.com. Celebrating the children of Liberia. A law has been passed to make it imperative thtat the children of Liberia be protected, and allowed to flourish and grow! Making education and rather than juvenile labor a mandated priority for all Liberian children, bettering the quality of their lives. I've attached a video that talks all about it featuring Liberia's president, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. I hope to learn more about this law in the days to come and I hope that it is effectively practiced and followed.

Please take a look at the UNICEF youtube video featuring highlights from that day,  here!

Also for more information visit http://www.unicef.org

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrtOOWjEEFk (copy & paste link here if needed)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Saycon Sengbloh: Motown the musical at Broadway on Broadway

Brandon Victor Dixon and Saycon Sengbloh "Dancing In the Streets"
"Get Ready" cause here we come! Motown the musical is on its way. I was so excited to see our images on the jumbo tron in the middle of Times Square! We took a full day's rehearsal to put together a live performance featuring many who will be in the Motown Broadway show. Just before beginning the final *lab before Broadway rehearsals begin in January a large group of us were invited to perform at the annual Broadway on Broadway event that highlights current and upcoming Broadway shows to see. Armed with a box of Navy Blue t-shirts with antique gold writing, our stage manager Julia gave us the basis for our costumes for that day. We all paired out shirts (which we were told NOT to cut/shred) with jeans, pants, boots, shorts and skirts to add the wow factor. I paired mine with a khaki-gold skirt on trend with the high to low flowiness, a sparkly belt with tassels, and against my podiatrist's recommendations, sparkly golden stilettos! Topped off with a rose and a ponytail with wavy bangs! I was no match for the sparkly warm golden pietted pants and super coif worn by the fabulous, Valisia Lekae, whose Diana Ross, will be the show stopper you must all come to see this spring! We were all so happy and excited! There's lots to do to get ready for gig like this. A lot goes into putting up a Broadway show especially one that is based on so many real life figures, time, effort, sacrifice, and work but we love our work that's why we do it! I've included some cute pics from the day, and a link to the performance below! Enjoy!



Motown star Valisia LeKae swept off her feet by Spiderman!

*lab- is a rehearsal period used by the producers/writer/director to see actors performing the material sort of like a demonstration to help decide on changes that need to occur before ultimate mount of the show happens.