Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Forever MJ: Broadway sings Michael Jackson!

photo by Darryl for ArtX photography used by permission

Forever MJ! Participated in a concert featuring music by the one and only Michael Jackson, classics that generations have grooved to for decades from "Ben" to "Butterflies." MJ brought us the hits we were invited to perform by Corey Mach, the show's producer, we took time to perform some of the best songs to ever be recorded in pop music. Lots of friends of mine lent their voices, Chester Gregory, Morgan James, Tituss Burgess, and Nicholas Christopher among others I had recently met whose voices were phenomenal! I sang "Can't Help It" early on in the night and later joined Morgan and Tituss for a gut busting trio of "I'll Be There" complete with the I dream of Jeanie ponytail swinging! It was a good time celebration located at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC's West Village area and the lighting  and sound was thoroughly "rockstar-ish".
Lots of fun here's a few pics and some links to check out.

Fashion Week : Korto Momolu

Saycon Sengbloh and Fashion designer Korto Momolu Photo used by permission.
photos courtesy of Saycon Sengbloh

Ooooooh weee! Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! David Bowie said it best... Sometimes I have a week where I'm just fashion crazed and this was one of them! I attended he show by the fabulous Korto Momolu. The show was elegant and sophisticated, I loved it! Pics from the night are here! After waiting forever I finally got a photo with the Liberian designer, the L's we're making in the photo are for "Liberia!!!" The goodie bag was  amazing as well complete with hair products, jewelry, a t-shirt and a box of Cheerios!  I gotta celebrate Korto Momolu's promotion with Cheerios to help feed local hungry! Good stuff! PS-I was rocking the colorblock craze everyone's been into, not sure if it worked for me with the extra shiny hair but I liked the outfit when I bought it LOL. Muah!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sasha Allen sings at Joe's Pub

I attended a wonderful show this past week, the scene was magical. Joe' Pub was on its feet, quiet, and breathless! Sasha Allen was singing  many classic soul hits and it was a lovely sight to behold, the silence really took hold once she had begun her tribute-medley to Whitney Houston. We sort of all held our breath not wanting to miss a note. There' was not the usual hooping and hollering you hear at these sort of shows because the audience litteraly did not want to miss a note. Miss. Allen was in top form, wearing a simple white blouse and black pants. The vocalists accompanying her were true soulsingers, nothing background about them (among them underground soul rocktress Kimberly Nicole) were dressed to impress and the band was immaculate and lush: strings, horns, they spared no expense. later in the eveing even the vocalists Cheryl Pepsi Riley and Inaya Day aka "Jiffy" came out and did a powerhouse rendition of "This Will Be". Wooo lawd! Their "Teflon" voices were in the house! The Musical Director, her long time beau, Rob Lewis, put together an amazing show and I was happy to be there!This was a beautiful night always a treat to hear a voice like hers and see all the wonderful Hair Broadway peeps in the crowd! It was like a reunion of sorts.

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